The task of rhetoric is not only to persuade, but to find existing persuasive arguments on every issue.
Legum servi sumus ut liber, esse possimus.

Our People

Νικόλαος Νάκης

Nikolaos G. Nakis

Attorney at the Supreme Court
Managing Partner

Μαρία Δημητρίου

Maria G. Dimitriou

Attorney at the Appelate Court

A lawyer is a collaborator of the judiciary, his/her duty is to represent citizens in court and provide legal advice to his/her clients. Commitment to fulfilling the requirements of the legal profession is the cornerstone of our office.

Our law firm has been providing services in civil and commercial law cases for thirty (30) years, specializing in commercial claims, enforcement, appeals in civil courts, limited liability and general commercial companies, sports law, inheritance liquidations and real estate transfers.

With regard to the quality of our legal services, the high scientific level of our human resources, the thorough attention to the case, the excellent cooperation with our clients and the efficiency that distinguishes us in the handling of each case, we recommend to the visitors of this website to contact our other clients as well as other attorneys of the same or opposing parties to learn about our reputation in the legal world.

The description of the services and the general presentation of the operation of a law firm through its website can only be simple. The practice of law involves by its very nature characteristics that are incompatible with advertising and the attraction of clients.

Our Services

Civil Law

Civil Law is the branch of law that regulates disputes between private individuals ("citizens"). It is part of Private Law.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law is the system of rules governing the organisation and operation of the Public Administration.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law is a special branch of private law and is concerned with the regulation of trade.

Tax Law

Tax Law is the set of legal rules that define the tax right of the State and the way this right is exercised.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law relates to cases where crimes are committed, i.e. acts that are contrary to the law and for which the State has a criminal claim against the offender.

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