Our firm  has extensive experience in handling cases in the following fields of law:

CIVIL LAW. Civil law cases such as civil contracts (real estate and securities, donations, gifts, leases, loans and brokerage agreements), civil litigation (labour, liens, family and inheritance disputes), torts, damages from accidents and breach of contracts and, generally, disputes of civil nature between individuals. The processing of civil cases has established a stable and permanent co-operation between our firm and a group of brokers, civil engineers, architects, topographic surveyors and public notaries.

SPECIAL CIVIL LAW. (land registry – welfare institutions – trade unions – Sports Law – expatriates). Our firm has acquired longstanding experience in special Civil Law cases such as adoptions, settling matters of succession concerning expatriates, applications for corrections of land registry records, legal aid to welfare institutions, trusts, trade unions and federations as well as Sports Law disputes before arbitration committees.

COMMERCIAL LAW. Our firm specializes in commercial debt collection and enforcement of commercial claims by distrait on chattels and real property or garnishment. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in most fields of Commercial Law, such as business leases, legal aid to personal and shareholder companies (private limited company, single member private company, public limited company), securities, new types of commercial contracts, such as leasing, sale and lease back, factoring, franchising, intellectual property, National and Community trademarks, establishment of Cypriot and Maltese companies. We represent banks, import companies, major hotel units, industries, real estate companies etc.  For the purpose of debt collection and enforcement of claims, our firm collaborates with experienced law firms and Court bailiffs throughout Greece. As far as the establishment and operation of Cypriot companies are concerned, we collaborate on a long-term basis with law and accounting firms in Cyprus. In order to deal with Maritime Law cases, we collaborate with a law firm specialized in Maritime Law.

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW. Our firm undertakes cases of civil officers, such as disciplinary proceedings, promotions, transfers, class actions and litigations concerning the collection of benefits and tax-free allowances. As far as the Social Security Law cases are concerned, we collaborate with specialized law firms. Moreover, in order to handle special cases of administrative law such as appeals before the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights we collaborate with Professors of Law School in Administrative Law.

TAX LAW. Our firm provides legal services in tax law cases in collaboration with a Professor of Law School in Tax Law and well-known accounting firms in Greece and Cyprus.

CRIMINAL LAW. For the defense of criminal law offences, such as felonies, we handle the cases in collaboration with leading criminal law-firms.

We note that our firm has established a very elaborate electronic system of registration, following up and archiving the cases we undertake, thus providing full secretarial support to achieve excellent cooperation with our clients.


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