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A website portrait of a law firm presenting the history of the firm or its people as well as of the domains of law in which is specialized, must be minimal. Being a lawyer, according to legal ethics, is incompatible with advertising and luring clients. It is reasonable that neither those who are interested in hiring an attorney should choose a lawyer because of their website nor should the lawyer expect to increase their reputation due to their website exposure. Furthermore, it is a cliché to describe the services of a lawyer’s firm as of high quality or of perfect efficiency, since a successful lawyer’s career demands the provision of legal services of high quality for all the cases on a daily basis.

Therefore, for us, by creating and posting our website, our sole purpose and exclusive motivation is the synoptic presentation of our areas of expertise and of our people so that all website visitors can be informed about the lawyers they are about to meet, announcements concerning recent decisions of the Supreme Court, as well as the contact information and the terms of cooperation. As a result, the personal contact for the assignment of a case and the collaboration becomes easier for both parties involved.

In a few words, our firm has been providing services in cases of Civil Law and Commercial Law for more than twenty (20) years, has experience in cases of commercial claims, of enforcement of court decisions, of appeals before the Supreme Court, of public companies limited by shares and commercial companies, in general, of sports law, of liquidation of estates and of real estate transactions.

For the verification of the quality of our services, the high qualification standards of our people, the thorough examination of the cases, the perfect cooperation with our clients and our efficiency in dealing with every case, we suggest that website visitors should ask our firm clients, or even other lawyers for an opinion on the reputation of our firm.


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